Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday play date.

Polo Pick-up at Eastwoods Park at 5:30pm! There is a UT bike auction happening at around the same time (pretty sure it is on top of the parking garage that is at Trinity and 15th. Get yourself a beater, pump up the tubes, and come out and play on that rigg!

Those of us going on our November Polo tour are starting to try to raise money for gas, etc. Rob will be making some fly t-shirts (get yourself one, you know you want to represent your favorite athletic social club!), and I will be making yummy baked goods to sell from time to time.
If any of my loyal readers are interested in donating to our fund (whether that means cold hard cash, goods, or services) please feel free to let me know and we will make something happen, and THANKS in advance!

See ya'll at the park- or maybe at the Liberty afterwards for bike beers with the Thursday Night Social Ride crew. Thursday play date, Life in Austin can be such a blast.


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Ellen said...

Hey Mo! It's Ellen. Thanks so much for the awesome postcard, I love it! It's on my fridge, the most beloved place in the house. :)

Can't wait to see you when you pass through STL. We would love to put you up! Also, you should contact Brian Forsee in Columbia, I bet they'd have room for you there.

If you want I could do some checking around and see where you could play in Forest Park. Then we could head over to Dogtown for drinks and pass out at our place!