Friday, September 11, 2009

Nov Polo Tour!

Yes! It's coming together people, the tour (first volume of many) of the century!
We will be printing ATX Bike Polo Social Club t-shirts to raise some funds for our trip, we will also try to do a few things like throw a fundraising shindig, host a spaghetti dinner or two, have a few bake sales (vegan and non-veg items), and maybe some kinda money making booth at bike events, like the Bike Prom hosted by Fast Folks (Friday Oct 9th at Beauty Bar!). Stay tuned for all of those goings on and thanks in advance for supporting us and our passion and crazy excursion!

Rob has put together a rough draft plan of our route. It sounds like it will already be changed a bit to accommodate more play in certain places. Holler at me if you have contacts in any of these cities who would like to hook up with us and play or party, or host us for the night!

Let me know who is interested in t-shirts! Check our polo blog now and again for updates and print options, etc.

Peace and Love,


one Les car said...

I'll buy a shirt or two....

Andrea said...

Damn girl, thats an intense tour!

K said...

Social Cycling ATX will throw a fundraiser for ya'll. Damn. I want to come! I'll be y'alls cheerleader.


m e l i g r o s a said...

just came across your blog ATX+bikes - awesometasticccccc :D
luvvit <3 much luv from califas