Monday, August 31, 2009

At Last! My Next Travel Adventure!

November BikePolo Tour! It's bike themed, but the tour will be executed by the aid of a motor and four wheels. The plan is that a few of the Austin Texas Bicycle Polo Social Club will take an extended social outing through the Midwest, Northeast, and Southern polo club cities. We begin and end with tournaments and have tons of fun in between.

My goals for this trip:
-) hit the road, see portions of the country I have yet to see
-) have fun with my friends and make new ones- I believe that is called networking
-) improve my game, strengthen our club's bond, promote ATX and our Polo Club
-) take a few notes on how to host successful and super fun tournaments in the future
-) **I really hope to gain some sponsor(*ahem*, ATX companies especially) support and plan to represent them on the trip and help grow their business
-) i hope to film/document the entire trip and create something to show and share after it is all over
-) personally I hope to see a vast improvement in my performance from the COMO tournament to the NOLA tourney!

Stoked! Get ready to buy some of our printed t-shirts, delicious baked goods, come to a fundraising party or two, hit up my paypal donations button on this page, and help us out getting this ball rolling!

We will be driving and depending on the size of our crew, we will need to plan accordingly for rental fee/gas prices, etc.

BAND FRIENDS: anyone have a van they are comfortable with renting to us for a reasonable rate?! I have a spotless driving record...

Stay tuned here and at ATXBPSC for breaking news and updates on plans!


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Daniel said...

ive put my pride on hold and got myself two part-time jobs just so I can make this happen, only thing that sucks is having to wait two months...