Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Social Happenings!

We really are an active bunch of social butterflies here in the Austin, TX bike scene! Always parties, shows, rides, shops to visit, games to play, beers to drink! I know that is why I love it here and find it difficult to think about moving elsewhere....

Anyway, social happenings, we have a laundry list of events starting tomorrow (Thursday 9/17). Polo happens at Eastwoods Park at 5:30pm, then there will be a bridge show that will kick off the Thursday Night Social Ride at around 7:30pm (some of us polo players will be out and around and will have t-shirts for sale to raise funds for our tour, THANKS KEITH! for mentioning that on the event post!),post-social ride happenings at both the Jackelope AND Chupacabre, it's my good friend, Jessi's, BIRTHDAY happening at Lovejoys, then Annie P will be throwing down with her grrrls for her birthday on Saturday! Crazy fun week!
Don't forget the date for the upcoming Bike Prom! Friday Oct 9, 9pm, Beauty Bar, $5. Go to their website and VOTE for Prom KING and QUEEN! I need a date ya'll....and a dress?!

I LOVE Thursdays and can't wait to bounce around all over town and see all you beautiful bikers in full force tomorrow!

*Remember to look for some of us with polo mallets in our bags, we will have t-shirts for sale and would love for you to rep our club!


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