Monday, September 14, 2009

Polo Tour T-Shirts!

We printed a handful of t-shirts today with our first print. We plan on having a diverse collection of one of a kind hand printed shirts for your polo supporting enjoyment. Feel free to collect them all, as 100 per cent of the proceeds go towards the cost of our trip!

I know a few out of towners have expressed interest in the shirts, even if you live in Austin but find it hard to come out to all of the cycling social excursions and would like to expedite the ordering process, look at the right side of this page a bit and find the "donate" paypal button. Drop a $10 note on there and fill in your shipping address and I will put the shirt(s) in the mail immediately.

We will be receiving an order of colorful shirts on Wednesday and plan to print on Thursday. We are working on an account through Alternative Apparel so stay tuned on that, we currently have fruit of the loom shirts in 100% and 50/50 cotton, men and women's sizes, all crew neck.

Drop me a line with a shirt style request and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Thanks in advance for supporting ATX Bike Polo, and the sport in general! This is a sport that has been in existence for generations but is enjoying a recent burst of popularity and new life! Do a google search or check out and see if there is a club in your neck of the woods. Go sit in on their pick-up night and see how long you can hold out before you are totally enthralled in the game and out there playing too!

I hope to send you all a t-shirt and some U.S.Postal Service love very soon!


Liebo said...

hell yeah

Anonymous said...

bring a size medium to Midwests and ill buy buy buy!

Maureen Grady said...

aw heck "Denver", pay for one now, and I'll send it to you tomorrow! (We will def have shirts with us on the road as well, DIFFERENT prints, collect 'em all!)

We would love to make as much pre-tour money as we can, whatever we make on the road will hopefully be gas money...

xoxo thanks for the interest and support! see you in COMO!

A said...

where are you selling these in Austin? They look awesome and I want one!

Maureen Grady said...

we are selling them ourselves, at polo on thurs and sun, we will have some at the social ride this thurs for sale (have cash ready!), otherwise you can order one through my blog (pay pal "donate" button to the right) and I will put it in the mail for you ASAP!

thanks for the interest!

Virginia said...

Hi Mo

Any chance you could send a shirt to Sydney, Australia? I would happily pay double


Maureen Grady said...

HELL YES Virginia!!!!!
Email me, or do the pay pal button (fill out your mailing address), tell me the details of the type of shirt you'd like, and consider it in the mail!

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