Tuesday, September 22, 2009

T-Shirts and Polo, the two loves of my life

Hi friends! Let me take a moment to welcome Autumn, Austin is on board with the seasonal change (for once!). It is raining buckets, gray and mellow outside, and notably cooler outside thanks to the hidden sun. Today is also an international [non]holiday, Car Free Day! I sent all of my coworkers a passionate email about how I commute via bicycle to our lovely downtown spa every day for work and I urged them to do the same. Commute by bike, board, skates, kayak, or their own two legs. I even suggested bus over their own personal vehicle because frankly our city is overrun with motor vehicles. It is loud, dirty and polluted, dangerous, and over crowded and trafficked. The rain definitely thwarted many people who may have been persuaded by my words, but I'll continue to push my point and hopefully eventually people will listen and follow suit. Anyway, I hope that you, wherever you are mark this day on your calendar for next year and make a plan for alternative transportation (and hell, why not give it a go sooner than then!). That's that. On to other business...

Thank you so so soooo much, everyone who has already ordered shirts from us! We feel so overwhelmingly loved! Thanks again! Most of your orders are in the mail. We have had some special requests which have now been ordered and will be sent out ASAP! We are sort of learning these ropes as we go along, colors and fabrics that seem to be the most popular, cotton percentages, weights, etc.
We are moving in to our second and third print designs too! We have a handful of our Guerrilla Tour logos printed and we are making shirts with our team logo/crest however you would like to perceive it. The logo may be a side print (on the side of the trunk of the shirt) so it would wrap around your ribs...kinda like a tattoo or something.

Payment:Paypal! We are so happy all of you out of towners have ordered shirts (Jesse in NY, Adam in CO, Virginia and Donald in Sydney Australia!!!, Keith and Kevin in CA, Vivian, Cathy, and Mary in MO, Maxwell in IL, Andrea in WA)! Thanks a million!

Future paypal orders, we need to tack on a few extra dollars- paypal is not a free service (of course not! I should have known that!), so we need to cover that little charge and postage...we will leave it up to you $3-$5 extra bucks should be sufficient. Sorry and thanks for understanding!

Robert, Daniel, and I all agree that these t-shirts have quickly taken over our lives! We love how they have been received and we have fun getting together and printing them! Good news Austinites, Fast Folks Cyclery will carry our shirts so you can pop in there to get your polo fix along with any fixed gear you need!

Speaking of Austin, TX bike stuff, mark your calendars for the upcoming races: Brian's infamous 6 stage Giro d'Ghetto is BACK! It starts this Sunday Sept 27 and happens throughout the next week. Then the BIKE PROM is Friday Oct 9th, followed by a race on Saturday Oct 10, and Annie P is putting on a race with Bird's Barbershop on Sunday Oct 11! Damn that's gonna be one hell of a weekend! Out of towners, drive on over for these happenings! You will have a place to crash, come have fun with us!

Ok, I think that is all for now!
Thanks for reading. Thanks for buying shirts and supporting our club and our tour.
We love you all!



Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

i got to hit you up for a shirt soon...keep the great stuff coming!

nes said...

hi i'd like on and am in the UK. how much money should i send?

小小 said...

困難要靠自己克服,障礙要靠自己衝破 ..................................................

mr. awesome said...

How should I get in touch with you?!
Through this blog?
-Lee Polo St. Louis

Maureen Grady said...

Lee! congrats, you contacted me through this blog! whats up?! email me
mo.grady at gmail.com

what's up?!