Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Show Tonight

When Cerridwyn and I were riding down the coast, we met lots of new people and had the pleasure of riding with many of them, or reconvening with our camping partners at the next days campsite. One of the duos (well trio if you consider the poodle that was tagging along!) that we met under the majestic Redwoods was an Uncle/Nephew/Poodle duo. The Uncle was riding on a recumbent, pulling a hand-crafted trailer with a tent on top of it where Poodle just chilled out. Uncle was a legally blind man. He could see shapes and some colors, but no details. He had toured the coast once or twice previously, and he rides at home for his commute since he cannot legally get a driver's license.

Speaking of blind piloting bicycles down the Pacific Coast Highway...

The band, Blind Pilot, who toured down the PCH on their bikes- with their instruments in tow, playing impromptu shows in the MANY small towns that dot the coast- are playing a show tonight. They will be at Mohawk at 912 Red River Austin, TX. Show costs $7 in advance, $9 at door, doors at 8pm.

Come out, Cyclists [and drivers alike], and shake their hands! Hear some pretty tunes, see some pretty people.

Love to you all.

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