Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Immortal Class

Yesterday sure was a dreary day. I got back on my bike for the first time since my shoulder injury an it felt great! (well, until the end of the night when I could feel I definitely went beyond my limit and I think I strained something along the way....but I digress.)
I rode around east for a minute, had some coffee and bagel, rode to campus and checked out the Fritz Henle: In Search of Beauty photography exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center and saw The Black Balloon at Dobie Theatre. I ate a light dinner at Veggie Heaven, then headed south to the Lamar Ped Bridge to watch the start of Brian's regularly hosted cyclocross. Many a man came out to compete, and watch. There were a few ladies in the stands. I saw Les supporting the racers and being friendly and stoked about bikes as usual. The DoubleA Caps Duo, Annie and Andrew showed up and made me smile. PJ shared a Lone Star tall boy with us while discussing his new exciting adventure into bike building! Keep an eye and an ear peeled for Avenue Bikes (I am pretty sure that is his company name!)We also met a chap who was spreading the word about his new product, the raddest wearable light system I've seen! His company name is Flash Back, and it is a battery operated strand of blinking lights the you can clip on to your camel-bak, or messenger bag[back pack] or even onto your shirt. Look for them soon at Bicycle Sport Shop, and hopefully other locations around town. About the race, I will leave the details up to Brian's email re-cap, but I have to shout out to Eardie for taking first place, as usual! Kudos.

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