Friday, April 3, 2009

Cars are coffins, cowards, cut-n-run, chumps.

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For those of you who don't know, I was involved in a spill on Tuesday at around 6pm. (Thanks Blake for the sweet pics!) This happened on my way home from the Fast Folks Cyclery ladies race team photo shoot. I was cruising on my fixie, and had to avoid getting t-boned by a car, and my reaction was the wrong one. I froze up, and then was flung over the bars (only I brought the bike with me. Stayed strapped onto the pedals, and held onto the bars til i hit the concrete. With my face.)

I have some bumps and bruises and a grade one separated shoulder to mend, so no biking [or working] for me for the time being. Bummer. Ladies who have only responded to the call to arms on this blog, please email me so I can add you to the email list. I definitely encourage the rides to begin ASAP, even if I am not able to participate just yet.

Sunday I am meeting Jenn, a contributor of one les car, and other ladies to discuss her new baby, a campaign to get ladies [and everyone else on bikes] to wear helmets when riding. My motto on the tour was a daily mantra of "brains before beauty", we are going more for the message of "brains equal beauty!". I am excited to meet, and greet, and brainstorm slogans.

Anne Dunckle is hosting a LADIES ONLY RACE on May 8th benefiting Mothers Milk Bank of Austin. Sadly, I will be out of the country, but PLEASE COME OUT and make this a success!!!! Check out the boys at ATX Fixed blog for the flier.

Saturday, April 4th, Clown Dog Bikes is having their anniversary party at Scoot Inn. This is a Yellow Bike Project Benefit, so be prepared with cash for the door donation. Great bands, great people, this party is always a good time; a great representation of many different kinds of cyclists in town. Check out Jason's jem of an all things cycling blog, for more info.

Peace out for now. And remember kids, "Buckle up those brains for safety!".


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