Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was spitting out ideas about a Ladies Only Alleycat for the longest time. I was putting feelers out to friends and strangers alike, talking up sponsors for donations, thinking out a route, location, etc. But all the while this nagging whisper in the back of my mind kept getting louder and louder....


Ok, a few race. A FEW! Like THREE, MAX! Come on sisters. Represent already.

I am not writing this to hate on my gender. I am writing this to inspire, to enlist.
I want you, Babes on Bikes, Bombshells on Two Wheels, BMX, Recumbant, X-tracycle, Cruiser, Roadie, Fixie, Tall bike, Tandem, Single Speed Goddesses, "Get on your bikes and Ride" for Spring's sake!

Instead of hosting a race that pits women against one another, I have a better idea. Unity.
I am calling on ladies only, young, old, gay, straight, fast, slow, new to cycling, old pros, to join me in a weekly cruise about town. I want you all, and your mamas, and your friends. I want you to be safe, have fun, and get your legs under you! Wear a helmet without being embarrassed. I am comfortable with being sexy and showing the world the respect I have for my lovely brain. I wear sneakers, pedal pushers, short shorts, and spandex and feel comfortable in them all! I love my strong body, and I want you to love yours too!

My goal is to get ladies comfortable about riding their bikes. Getting sweaty and dirty. Leaving the house with practical attire on (or rocking their fly styles to the 9th degree by accessorizing with their ride!) and maybe even *gasp!* no makeup! Let's ride around, get loud, make new friends, see new sights, get some exercise, and get empowered! I also want to nourish a sense of sisterhood amongst Austin's fairer sex. Generally speaking we can be a downright catty bunch and I want that to stop. No need for rivalries, insecurities, superiority complexes. Those sentiments will be checked at the curb, or you will be asked not to join in future rides. I have no beef about speaking my piece and am very firm on this point.

I envision starting small and growing with demand. Maybe a casual pub-crawl, movie outing, dinner mixer type thing. I really want this to be accessible to any and all lady riders and kept on a positive/feel good note, so maybe a "no booze" focus. A simple ride around town followed by night swim at Barton Spring Pool perhaps? Poker/scrabble/trivial pursuit somewhere? Just a bike ride? We can talk it over, change it up, decide as a group.

Any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to contact me ( I want to know what kind of interest this peaks. I need to get a feel for possible ride days and route ideas. Right now I am thinking Monday afternoon/evening because it is an off day for evenings out, and I am OFF that night. I also think it would be great to do like a 20-30 mile ride or something and then end at the Springs for a refreshing dip during free night swim. What do you think?!
Men who read this blog (does anyone?!), please pass this post/the info on to your ladyfriends and give them any support they need.

Everyone can agree that cyclists are all hot, especially ladies!

Mount up!


Nancy said...

hells to the yes, lady friend!


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about trying to organize something like this the other day!!! I'm so down!!!

Sexy cycling ladies unite!!!


Allie said...

I'm off work on Mondays so that would be perfect for me. This is exciting! 30 mile rides might be kind of hard for some people though.

lets make it happen!

Emily said...

I would love to get involved with something like this!! it sounds awesome.

However, I work until 5 on Mondays. Would any other time work or maybe around 6 on Monday?

The Bandit. said...

First of, Yes! I've been throwing this idea around to a number of my female riders for some time now and now to see it try and form some shape, Fantastic!

I would be more than interested!

I'm Jennifer by the way :)