Monday, July 7, 2008

Meltdowns and Makeups

What an amazing and emotional ride this has been so far! I knew it was going to be a challenge, but my every sense and nerve has gone through the ringer these past couple weeks! Teamwork, solidarity, activism, feminism, compromise, homesickness, weather exposure, aggression, fear, adrenaline, lust, and whimsy are only a handful of emotions we have felt and had to bat off of others. It is a big deal to ride on sometimes measly, haggard shoulders of a highway, along a rocky cliff, over a rough and ice cold ocean. It is really intense having RV after bus after truck accelerate past us, sometimes buzzing pretty damn close.
I wouldn't change a minute of this ride though. I simply remind myself why we are having aggression tossed our way. Envy. This is a feat not everyone can accomplish. We are being tried. We are going to make it only as far as we can, but that is still further than most in this world. We had a few days of fun in Eugene, and an amazing woman named Celeste told us a mantra she has been living by this summer. We have decided to adopt it a repeat it to ourselves often. (* Warning: Hippie Jargon!*) The phrase is, "I AM THE CREATOR OF MY OWN UNIVERSE!", said as loudly or as often as needed. That helped us get over the scariest, longest, highest, narrowest bridge I have ever conquered. The phrase got us through two blowouts and a broken spoke yesterday. The phrase is carrying us through the windblown town of Northbend today, Humboldt Mountain tomorrow, Brookings the following days, then into CALIFORNIA!

...slow but steady is our other mantra for this trip.
Love to you all from a comfortable Comfort Inn in Norhtbend, OR. Our joints were softened in the hot tub last night, we slept on cushy mattresses, and we were able to spend a night out of the wind. We feel gloriously rested today and ready for a challenge!
Missing you all.
Cerridwyn and Maureen


Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

way to go! push through the hard times, embrace the good times. best of friends come from journeys like these!

we miss you back in austin!

Nick said...

found you. glad your trips going well. remember to check your bike every night if you can. things like glass in tires, cracked brake pads, twisted chain links, etc. and i'd also say, don't forget to look around so the scenery doesn't pass you by, but i'm sure you're doing that anyway.

Maureen Grady said...

Hello you two lovely people! I miss ya'll and Austin too! Nick, thanks for the helpful tips. I am feeling more bike and maintenance saavy every day!