Monday, July 14, 2008

Birds, Bees, Butterflies, and Bones...

....These are the many things we have seen on the side of the rode. Oh yes, and Bicycles! We stayed in Eureka, CA last night and are still kicking around town today. We emerged from the great Redwoods Forest with new experience on camping in Bear and Mountain Lion country, and with a gaggle of new touring companions. We stayed in Elk Creek State Park and first solo rider, Richard from Arizona, rolled in. An hour later, Susan and Eric from Portland, landed, and an hour after them, Miles and Casey from Portland showed up! We had quite a time talking, laughing about the bear situation, sitting by the fire, and planning our next day. We all woke together and rode into Orick, CA as a group. We posted up at the Palm Cafe for greasy spoon breakfast, then we headed on to Arcata as a group. Richard dropped off for some hiking, and Dan from Canada joined our posse. We rode almost 58 miles yesterday! What a day for Cerridwyn and myself! I think it was inspiring and fun riding with a laid back group of cyclists. We climbed many hills and made many stops, rolled into Arcata and had some pizza and coffee, then buckled down for the last 10 miles of the day into Eureka. I had a blast!
Cerridwyn's sister, Rhianna, was our gracious host last night, and we all charged up (electronics and our bodies), and we all hope to meet up again tonight in Weott, CA (another 50 mile day!).

I can't believe I am out here doing this most days, and I am having the time of my life! I am also very excited to get home and get back to it! I miss you all and wish everyone of you were experiencing this with me!
Love to you,
Cerridwyn and Maureen


MJL said...

What an adventure! Sooooooooooo cool! Battling "smoke" from the fires? Enjoy...thanks so much for sharing this!

Uncle Mike

Pat Grady said...

super cool pictures in this one! i love the shot with cerridwyn and the crew behind, and especially the stitch-shot of that bay. great stuff, keep it coming!

Maureen Grady said...

Thanks for commenting Uncle Mike! Pat, I am glad you dig the pics- the photo stitch was inspired by our Tokyo pictures! Where are those at anyway!?
miss ya, bro!
xo, mo