Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lincoln City, and Yachats, and Florence, Oh my!

Well, so much has happened in the past three days. We have met beautiful, amazingly positive people riding the same route as us. Matt and Erin were our coffee and campsite pals the first two days. Stefanie and Fabrece are our new french friends whom we met in South Beach,OR, and we warmed our toes by the fire with Eric, the lone wolf from Cali, last night in the Carl G Washburne State Park. We had a big blow out in NewPort, then a big heart to heart and we have reworked our goals for the trip slightly, and have found a new lighthearted perspective to our trip. We rode strong yesterday and today and are having a blast! NewPort is my new favorite Oregon town. Cute, quaint, beachy town. We had awesome pizza and foccaccia bread from Panini Bakery. Yachats is the cutest and most scenic point on the coast so far. We had fantastic burgers, "Bicycle Bob's Veggie Burgers" from Grand Occasions Deli, and met a friendly and accomodating man from Florence. People seem to be so excited by two young women on bikes, obviously carrying their wordly possesions from town to town. Many friendly faces and well wishes! It's awesome! Old Towne Florence is sweet and touristy. It is on the Suisoux River and we had coffee at the local roaster, and a yummy snack and beer at a bar and grill. ( I am spacing on the names of these businesses. I will go back and edit in the info when I collect it!)

Next stop, inland to Eugene through the Fourth of July! Stay tuned for new pics and new posts.

Love to all,
Cerridwyn and Maureen


Jordan said...


just checked in. sounds like you guys are just now realizing the importance of this trip, for yourselves and each other. sounds like you have had a great support group already, your friends and fellow travelers. you guys have made me miss portland, again.

enjoy yourselves!!!! traveling is the best way to become the best person you can be. to experience different geography, people, and foods is the best way to grow your mind, body, and spirit.

continue on ladies!!! be safe, love and protect each other,


Maureen Grady said...

Jordan!!!! Thanks for hooking my boy up at Leaf! And thanks again for all of your enthusiasm and positive words! Can't wait to see you and everyone at Leaf, and in Austin again!
xoxo, mo and c-dwyn!