Sunday, June 29, 2008

Push and Pull

I am meditating on this subject so I won't expunge too much now. I will say that the very unique dynamic of a two person touring team is one of the most challenging experiences of my life. What a lesson to learn. I have to trust her, motivate and support her, allow her to motivate and support me, and most important, we have to stick together. I have already expressed feelings of excitement and enjoyment, followed by frustration and resentment, impatience, and then shear joy when we race down whatever climb we just puffed our way up, and re-set my emotions. I wonder what Cerridwyn is feeling?! I am so happy I am doing this with a friend. I would not change a single thing about our trip- other than a little less gear, a little more reflective and warm clothes!- I am certain I will do a solo tour someday, but you can't beat having a pal to share the beautiful views with!

We are enjoying a pit stop in the picturesque, Cape Kiwanda, an awesome surf town. We are warming our mitts and enjoying our coffee fix at Cafe Stimulus, and are about to hit the road for climb numero dos, and about 20 more miles until camp at Devil's Lake State Park in Lincoln City, OR.
So long for now. Remember to check out our pics through the flickr slideshow.
Peace and Love,
Cerridwyn and Maureen


lellowwaterlemon said...

Ahh... the miracle of the internet. It's great to see your smiling faces and hear about your hourly adventures. You seem like a wonderful friend to our Cerridwyn, try to get her to post too! Nice job on the blog, with all the links and all, Thanks again- dwinski's folks

lellowwaterlemon said...

Cerra--where are you? Call your mama now!

lellowwaterlemon said...

Cerra & Maureen--thought you might want to check out one of our teacher's sites about his trip. His name is Jacob and his site is

Quite an inspiration!


lellowwaterlemon said...


Love you!

lellowwaterlemon said...

Whoops again!