Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A quick note

We are halfway to our final destination of Santa Cruz. Our biggest climb happens tomorrow at a whopping 2,000ft high! Leggett Hill, here we come! We are spending the night in a hidden away olive grove in Garberville, CA with some of Cerridwyn's friends. Laundry, *free* hot showers, white wine, and a roof to sleep under. What a welcome little detour...
We have parted from our new tour friends, but hope to meet up in San Francisco. All is well with us, we have been out of cell phone range thanks to the wondrous redwoods we have been sleeping under, but should be in open air soon enough. So mama's and dad's, worry not! We should be able to call and connect to you soon!

Love to you all!
Cerridwyn and Maureen


erin Kali said...

Yeah to the Leggett hill, Was it as bad as you thought it would be? Cerridwyn-How are those Tom's holding up as bicycling shoes (only cause I want to try them)?
Erin and Matte

Maureen Grady said...

Heya Erin! Maureen here, commenting for Cerridwyn- she is still rocking the Toms shoes! She is noticing a little wear and almost tear in the center of the soles so is contemplating picking up a pair of Chuck's one of these days...you should cehck out the Toms shoes! I suggest keepng them to casual rides around town though! (just my two cents!) How are you two wandering wilburies?! we miss ya'll! xoxo!