Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today we met up with an old pal of Cerridwyn's who is also a cyclist. Troy is his name and biking, traveling, and grad school is the name of his game. We rode to the top of Mt. Tabor and had a lovely time of it. It felt great to get the heart pumping, the legs warm, and the lungs full of fresh mountain air. Mt. Tabor is not any real mountain- it is a volcanic vent for Mt. Hood, which was picturesque on the horizon- but we still experienced a change in elevation and a nice, mild climb to the top. This got me revved up and ready to start tomorrow. Tillamook or bust! After the ride, we stopped at Stumptown Coffee for a double soy machiatto and some good conversation. Troy ran into some pals from his hometown in Michigan and we all chilled and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We went to Andy and Bax Army surplus store for fun and final supplies before we leave and made a quick stop by the Whole Foods for a simple yet hearty dinner of black beans, brown rice and fried egg. I foresee that being a very regular meal for the next month and a half! It is getting late and time to pack up the gear for an early start tomorrow.

My Uncle Randy recently wrote me an email on June 23rd saying that his son, my cousin Mike, and Mike's girlfriend, Anna, set off on their exciting journeys around China the same day as I left with Cerridwyn to start this adventure. I started thinking about the importance of travel and the experience of new cultures in my life and am so happy to come from a family that embraces that philosophy and promotes it. I am definitely not cut from the normal nine to five, Monday through Friday lifestyle that so many Americans believe in, and I am so happy and lucky to be supported by my beloved family members and friends in spite of that fact(that difference!). I know that this is the start of many adventures for me. I hope to inspire the pursuit of adventure in all of you. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to my travels! Expect a personalized thanks via post!

It is really time to get packing and grab some shut eye before morning.
Pleasant dreams to all!

Cerridwyn and Maureen

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