Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday! Polo! Hooray!

Man, I love having something to look forward to mid- week! I have been MIA for sooooooo long it seems thanks to my wanderlust, but I am back and ready to play!

I have some errands to run today, then I need to get CASH better equipped for polo....cages, etc.

Lookin' forward to seeing my polo pals!
5:30pm, Eastwoods Park, tonight!
ATX Bike Polo Social Club
Mo [Money]

1 comment:

Liebo said...

glad to see you havent forgotten about the blog!
do me a favor (since i wont be there to do it myself), whenever cyrus is out on the court yell BORING everytime something exciting happens. He pretends to hate it but i know deep down he craves it.

(PS- my word verification thing for this comment is "way mo"... tell me you found a way to customize it...)