Monday, June 1, 2009

Ah, Wilderness!

A weekend in the greatest out of doors, Austin, Texas.
Friday was a lovely day- I honestly do not recall what I did with the day, worked probably. I do remember the night! I decided on a last minute whim to head to Barton Spring Pool for free night swim from 9pm-10pm. I pulled up to the empty bike racks right at 9pm and realized that I had forgotten to bring my lock by some freak accident. I sat and pondered my options, (I am not about to practice the honor system when it comes to the safety of my favorite bicycle!) when a flood of cyclists encompassed me! Critical Mass finished at the springs as the Grande Finale of the Beach Party themed ride. I searched the crowd for a familiar face to buddy up with and lock my bike with but all in vain. I didn't recognize a soul. After the mass had meandered through the gates, a lone wolf of sorts rode up and I knew this was my chance. He grudgingly obliged to lock up my bike, and I had a great long night swimming, eating P.Terry's veggie burgers and conversing with an absolute stranger. How real, life, Austin!

Saturday was a work day, then wrapped up at my pal, Clayton Kalman's art opening at the Birdhouse Gallery on East Cesar Chavez. I saw many a familiar face and it was a wonderfully chill night drinking beer, sitting on the porch, talking with old and some new friends(ahem, Rachel Love and Jason!).

Sunday started off a bit rocky. I had some appointments that had to be rescheduled due to the horrifying temperature of my house (AC broken for a solid week- house hovered around 93 degrees F). That said, I had to get the hell out. I had my regular walk/jog with Nancy first thing that morning, then packed up and headed to my summertime haunt, Barton Springs Pool. What a wonderful lazy Sunday spent all by myself with a book, a bottle of suntan lotion, several sporadic laps in the pool, and many a boy to look at! I was there for a good four hours (NO SUNBURN!!!!!), had a smoothie at Daily Juice, then headed north to Polo!

What a turnout! The boys said it themselves, there were a ton of new faces and good times had by all. I was unprepared for my ex-boyfriend to be there, but as chance would have it, we played a game on opposing teams and I rammed the shit out of him and his bike during a play where we were both going for the ball. Talk about a cathartic crash. I'm sure he had a good time in spite of his newly aquired road rash!.
The Fast Folks Femmes were out in force! Nat was showing off her freestyle skillz on her Sword track frame and Annie P came out to play. Jasmine has been playing since the beginning and that makes her one badass babe! I played a fair amount- I think my defense is getting pretty good, now time to work on the offense (still haven't scored a goal!). Speaking of goals, Heather came out for her first time and scored a goal her first game! Go Grrrl!
Andy brought out his new tall bike and let everyone have a go at riding it. So much fun! I was totally freaked about the mount and dismount process, but it is such an experience to ride! I finally get the Tall Bike craze!

I had a blast and look forward to Polo this Thursday! Daniel, way to go with your photo up on Chicks and Bikes! That certainly did not take long at all! Try sending your pics to Girls on Bikes! as well! Hey! Let's see Sunday's photo session soon!

I start an early morning fitness routine tomorrow so it is well past my bedtime. Goodnight to you all.

Ladieeeez! Ride this Friday?! Meet at the Ped Bridge around 6:30pm, ride around a bit, watch some free Shakespeare in the Park at Zilker, skinny dip somewhere! Who's in!? Heather was talking about a Ladieeeez Night Out with the Uncle Billy's Brewery Pub Crawl that happens next Monday as well. Holler for all the deets,

Pleasant dreams of beauties on bikes and tailwinds.
x's and o's,


Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

thanks for mentioning the ride on Friday!!! I'm excited about it...hopefully see ya there!!!

Rob said...

I remember you scoring once, Mo, I passed to you right in front of the goal and you knocked it in... as set up as it was, you had the shot, and we had all the time in the world to set it up!

Maureen Grady said...

Rob, do you play Thursday Polo? I want to play, but I also kind of want to do the Fast Folks Fixie 20 mile ride....what a 'to do'....

I would like to commission your help in learning some trixie stuff on my fixie (to use in polo games, etc.). What do you say?!

Rob said...

Sure thing, but I don't play on Thursdays... I will be at Wheatsville in the back thinking about polo... wishing I was there.

Thursday polo is a little different than Sunday polo. If you end up missing the ride, go check out polo for sure.

Maureen Grady said...
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Daniel said...

hey mo did you end up doing the thursday ride? my buddy ray is the one putting it on so i wanted to do it but my knee wasnt up for it.

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

thanks again for coming out friday! it was the best! you missed the fun of creekside though:) next time!