Monday, May 25, 2009

I think I'm in LOVE

Well it's official, I think I'm in "like" with everyone who plays bike polo.
Definitely everyone who plays in the Austin, TX Bike Polo Social Club anyway.
I went out to Eastwoods Park on Sunday for the weekly match and finally got up the nerve to play- it is a daunting task to join in to a game played by people who are all friends and teammates especially when you are new to the sport!

I was HORRIBLE! A disgrace and an embarrassment. I definitely created a blackhole affect in the games I participated in. But, no one seemed to mind too much; people still had fun (i think/hope). Everyone was accommodating, helping me out with rules, giving me space now and again, throwing me a bone- and the ball. I had a fantastic time! Luckily for us the weather turned slightly sour and decided to rain but that didn't stop the game. I absolutely love playing -of any sort- out in the rain! I love riding in it (cautiously), swimming (when lightning is at bay), sitting in it, whatever. I can definitely add playing polo in the rain to my list of top tens.

After polo, a group of players decided a swim and a soak in a local hot tub was in order. I had a great night, met a handful of cool new peeps, and developed a love for a new sport. Next step, practice, practice, and practice some more. Polo happens at Eastwoods Park on Thursdays at around 5:30pm and Sundays around 4pm. Bring your bike, beer, and buddies. Thanks to all of you ATXBPSC members, I am your new biggest fan.
Thanks, Daniel, for taking lovely polo shots and sharing them on your site!

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