Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey! Come eat and drink at my house!

I just made an "invite" on my facebook page. I hate to be redundant, but here goes:
Nancy and I host a potluck dinner once a month. This is that dinner, only bigger. I am also celebrating my trip to Croatia, my new Grrrlz Rule! Bike gang, spring, and a weekend off of work! Come! Party!
Bring something edible, if you need a theme, think Mediteranean. Bring beverage, especially wine (Croatia apparently makes their own tasty grape brews so I need to develop my palette!).

Critical Massers, come by after your ride! Coworkers, come by after your shift! Bike Polo boys, come meet future lady polo players! Friends, neighbors, lets have a merry time outside, away from the bar for a night!

Here's where I will be the first of May:

Come to my party, wish me "bon voyage"!

Maureen Mo Grady
Email me if you have interest in attending! I really want everyone to come, I just don't want to write my address on my blog.


meghan said...

oooh, i'm so glad to be connected with your blog.

and maybe someday i'll come to a potluck. i DO love food, with a firey passion.

I'm super jealous of your trip. I've definitely got the travel bug at the moment, as I haven't gone anywhere substantial in about 6 years now. yikes!


meghan said...

ps: i heart the old 97's.

Maureen Grady said...

meghan! you are the first, the FIRST person (other than my geek friends who also love the old 97s) to get the reference! you win a prize! I'll think of something and get it to you asap!

dan cakes said...

i'll be there

Maureen Grady said...

whoot andrew!

CycleBum said...

I was in Dubrovnik last summer. Amazing place, you will enjoy.

Nora said...

Stop it with the travel porn!! You make me jealous!