Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello Stranger

Back in the saddle again!
...I mean this literally and metaphorically.

Please accept my apologies for dropping this blog like a hot potato! The trip came to a successful, yet abrupt end due to a disappearance of funding, and we all made it home safe for supper. I am back in Austin, TX living the LIFE. I am back at milk + honey day spa: Tues 11am-7pm, Wed 3pm-9pm, Thurs 3pm-9pm, Sat 3pm-9pm (Book a massage appointment with me when you are in town!!), I have subbed as a cycle courier a few times, competed in a few alleycat races, modeled in a women cycling calendar, Cute Commute, and am brainstorming for my first race: a Women Only Race!

I am kicking off my home massage practice (call or email: to book an appointment. My usual business hours are Sunday 10am-9pm, Monday 10am-5pm, and Friday 10am-9pm, and I am open to special scheduling in the morning hours other weekdays. My availability can change from week to week, so please book in advance as much as possible. My rates are flexible and affordable. I focus on therapeutic and relaxation massage. I work with athletes, weekend warriors, workout newbies, musicians, mothers-to-be, and computer geeks.I practice Reflexology as well as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Structural Integration. I have a simple workspace, a simple price, and offer a simply wonderful experience.

Life is pretty great these days. Busy, but great. I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays, I am planning on giving back to the community during the Thanksgiving hooplah. I am also planning on becoming more regular in my posts. The theme will still center around cycling: tips, trips, planning, tour gear, etc. I will also tie in Austin cycling news, Cycling politics and urban infrastructure ideas/necessities, and health and wellness blurbs about massage, yoga, and other "tree-huggin' hippie-drippy" ideas!

I hope you enjoy, and I hope to re-captivate an audience here on "Let's Take the One", a cool, casual glimpse into an alternative lifestyle.

xoxo, mo

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megan said...

what a nice post. nick tells me you are helping his knee alot and he's back on the track bike, with a smile on his face and not a grimace! :-)

hope to see you out one day. we are in the throes of moving, but look forward to some group rides soon....