Friday, August 8, 2008

Postcards from the Edge....

...of reality.

We are done. The trip is over. I am home, Cerridwyn is home. We finished our trip in Santa Cruz. What a beautiful finish line. I swam in the ocean; complete submersion, and emerged a little taller, a little stronger....a little tanner than before. What a trip this was! I learned a lot about myself that I had no idea about. I am capable of climbing hills over 1,000 feet high

****I just found this in my drafts archive. I wrote this soon after the trip. Sad. I was not able to process what had just occurred for months. People still see me and ask about the trip, but I can't really conjure up any stories to satisfy them. Occassionally, I am starting to volunteer tidbits and antecdotes from my recent experience on the road, but mostly it is almost as though it never happened... thanks for reading! -Mo

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