Monday, June 23, 2008


Our journey has begun. We had a wonderful farewell party on Friday night and got to hang with lots of good people. (Thanks to all who stopped by and who provided food and drink!)

Today we broke down our bicycles and headed to the airport. Boxing the bikes was a bit of an ordeal, but we figured it out. We had a van taxi pick us up and it cost us $50 to check our bikes. Austin to Seattle is quite a flight. We had a layover in Denver but all in all it was uneventful...just long.

We arrived to our stay in style...via limousine, and were greeted by a cute house full of crafty bike kids having their weekly movie night.Washington is gorgeous. The sun stayed out until almost 10 pm and the weather is in the 60's. I am in heaven, and I know it is only going to get better!Looking forward to a good night's rest and building our bikes back up tomorrow. One more night in Seattle then we train to Portland.Stay tuned.

Maureen and Cerridwyn


Pat Grady said...

all good news, limo is cool. i went ahead and posted the pictures on flickr so the slideshow will start working.

nora said...

Have fun! Be safe! We'll be thinking of you.

Ellen said...

Enjoy the sweet summer air and be safe!

Uncle Mike said...

You GO MO............wayyyyyy proud and so NOT suprised with your choice in adventure! Go! Post some great shots!

Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

WOW !!

What and adventure you have planned !

Take plenty of pictures !

Good luck and keep us all posted.

Take care,

Uncle Jim