Thursday, June 26, 2008

Live from the City of Roses!


We are taking a minute for correspondence and coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters and bought fun ink pens and weird food for the ride. We had a three hour trek around the Puget Sound in Portland, Oregon. We missed our first train from Seattle to Portland on Wednesday, so we kicked it in Chinatown for a couple of hours. We went to an awesome market called Uwajimayawhich took us through Tacoma, Olympia, and Vancouver, Washington. What a beautiful ride. Small towns and farms sprinkled the land as well as breathtaking waterfronts and woods.

We got off the train and were met by friendly people, bikes everywhere, a tasty hefeweizen at a nearby bar, and the setting sun creating a warm, golden city. We are staying with Robyn, an old Santa Cruz friend of Cerridwyn's. She is swell. We had a vegetarian southern comfort brunch at the Tin Shed this morning, and were serenaded by the Old 97's throughout! I like Portland. I may LOVE Portland. The weather is just right- cool mornings and evenings and warm, sunny days. I can't seem to breathe in enough of the fresh air here. Lush, overflowing gardens full of roses, ferns, ivy, daisies, flowers, flowers, and more flowers. Green, emerald, and moss colors everywhere. We just missed the Rose Parade and came across a compost pile full of the remains of that day. Decomposing petals of every color....I grabbed a few for drying.

We went to a local bike co-op called City Bikes and met Mike from Moscow, Idaho. He was awesome, and helpful! We really like that shop and may go back again before we leave. Check 'em out if you ever get to Portland.

Two more nights in Portland then the journey begins! Next stop- Tillamook, Oregon! Stay tuned for stories of the cheese factory tour and later constipation woes!
Happy Summer!

Cerridwyn and Maureen


Pat Grady said...

good job with all the links, and great pictures on the flickr site!

lets get a video up next!

c anderson said...

it's a bummer we didn't meet up when you were in seattle. i saw an amazing jazz trio on wednesday night at dexter and hayes but you were up in capitol hill. have a great trip...i'll be watching for updates.