Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lovely Ladies

We ride!

This Friday evening! Show up to the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge at 6:30pm for a quick meet and greet then we cruise. Bring lights!, water, ID, beer/food/whatever money for post ride extravaganza! Rock your helmet if you got it!

A gal on the email list mentioned a party happening on East Riverside, Nancy and I entertained ideas of Rio Rita post- ride (I know I said "no booze focus", but thought a social stop would be nice to get to know each other for the first session.). Feel free to shout out ideas and we can decide as a group! I am also always down for ending at free swim at Barton Spring Pool, that will especially rock during the middle of summer!

Call me, email me so you can be added to the list. Create a account and find me (Maureen Grady) and Annie Gunkle and "friend" us. Join the "Babes on Bikes" group and keep checking me out for up to date ride/social info.


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