Thursday, December 11, 2008

baby, is it cold outside yet?

I lived in Chicago for a while. Have I ever mentioned that? I rode my bike there. I have felt Cold, capital "C". I have lived in the dark. Snow, sleet, rain, wind. I felt it all on my face and hands, in my lungs, in my bones. That shit was cold, it was real. I live in Austin, TX now. It was like 80 degrees on Thanksgiving. Poor Brian Davies really wants a cyclocross season to happen here, but sadly we have no winter weather to mud up the trails. (Brian you are doing great and putting on gruesome races none the less and YES, I will be at the next one, I am off to the gym now for some stair-climbing!)

In spite of the hellish cold I have lived and ridden through,and the lack there of here in the southern sun of Texas, I am still slipping into winter time hibernation. My intention during the day is still golden, the sun is shining, the air is crisp and riding bike all day long sounds and feels like heaven. Soon as the sun sets, it's a different story entirely. The darkness that descends around 5 or 6pm stifles my athletic ability and is leading to muscle atrophy and a few of the seven sins.

Whoa is me, but fear not! There are group rides and races a plenty to provide that extra kick in the rump! Tonight, there is a road ride meeting up at Epoch coffee on Northloop. Ride starts at 7pm and rolls through the western hills about 20 miles. Friday night meet up on the Lamar Pedi Bridge at 11:59pm for the monthly Full Moon Ride! Saturday night is a celebratory one- many college graduates are getting down and dirty before they have to bow down to The Man, and there is a Santa Rampage pub crawl around town. Look for Santa hats and elf ears. Sunday the 14th is an alleycat race dubbed "Snot and Tears", starts at 6pm at Drungo Ice House. $10 entry fee, lots of prizes and fun to be had. Monday is a group ride, officially escorted by APD thank you very much, to and through the Zilker Park Trail of Lights. Join us, Monday, December 15th for the 2008 Jingle Bell Ride. Meet on Toomey Rd. in front of the ball fields(1510 Toomey Rd.)at 5:30pm We will roll out at 6:15pm Sharp. The people in charge are offering hot drinks and cookies at the MoPac bridge after the ride, and Oil Can Harry's is allowing bikes in the bar while you receive a post-ride chair massage and have a holiday cocktail, AND water! And last but not least, Tuesday the 16th, meet up with the Midnite Ridazz at Donn's Depot on W. 5th for the "Pimps and Ho Ho Ho's" Pubcrawl. The info I received was that the ride is taking a tour of all strip clubs on the edges of downtown. I am not really into this concept, but I like the people putting the ride on, go out and have a blast with it! Feel free to dress accordingly!

Wow, almost a solid week of organized (to some degree...) rides! I think I can get my act together to get out and ride, for recreation and as a messenger sub for a couple days! See you on the streets, clad in bright reflective gear and blinky lights!

Cheers and Happy Holidays! Remember to drink plenty of water, hot tea, and take your vitamins this cold season!
Love, Maureen

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