Friday, December 12, 2008

Adopt your bike route

Seriously, I have gotten three flats in the past two weeks. I am starting to get annoyed. I am also starting to get into gear, my man friend, Matt, and I were talking about adopting the commonly used bike route near my house and cleaning it up on a weekly basis. Said path is the concrete trail that travels under I-35 on 4th street. I need to just give it up already and cruise on Cesar Chavez or 6th St already, but I am stubborn. This path is ALWAYS riddled with glass from the locksmith, the winos loitering under the highway, the disrespectful drunk drivers throwing beer bottles out of their windows while cruising 4th street on the weekend looking for parties and/or parking spots (I have seen it with my own two eyes!).

Regardless of where it comes from, I cannot control the actions of others afterall, it is there. It is a nuisance. It must be contained and cleaned up. Matt and I are going to get a big ol' broom and sweep the street once a week at first and see what impact that has on the rideability of the path.

I hope to effect other cyclists and catalyze similar action in yer neck of the woods. If you, loyal cyclist and fellow earth lover, have a common route that is littered and makes your commute dangerous and hazardous, take it upon yourself to create the solution! Make it a social event with your pals, host a potluck brunch and have people bring a broom and some gloves and trash receptacles as well as a dish. Eat first, then clean or visa versa. What fun!

We are already grassroots activists by choosing human power transport over gasoline guzzling. Why not take one more small step towards a cleaner environment?! Cheers to you all!
Broom at the ready, it is time to get swept away on this beautiful day!

Love to all,


Joe D said...

I've thought of doing this, but to have any impact at all, I'd have to rent a street sweeper.

Alternative: Send a couple boxes of donuts to whatever office the city street sweepers have, with a note saying "Gee, road X sure could use a sweeping". Follow up with a couple more boxes and a thank you note should it get swept.

Nicolas Andres Ibarra said...

Your streets aren't self-cleaning? Must be a West Side thing...

Caveman Productions said...

I commonly use this route to commute between home and downtown. Give me a holler and I'll give you a hand.

Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

ill help!

Spencer said...


We are having a bicycle scavenger hunt on Sunday March 15th, 4pm-8pm. Teams are meeting at the State Capital at 4, starting the hunt at 4:30, and ending at the Chris Riley campaign head quarters by 7pm for music spun by Sweet DJ D, food, and winner announcements. Teams made up of 3-5 people will follow clues to 10 different locations around town.

I am a supporter of the Chris Riley Campaign for Austin City Council Place 1. Chris Riley is a native Austinite who has worked and served our city for over a decade. Chris will take action to create green jobs, protect our local businesses, improve public transportation, and preserve our city's character. He is a former chair of the Planning Commission and Downtown Commission, founded Austin CarShare and the Alliance for Public Transportation, started a neighborhood association, and served on the boards of the Austin History Center and the Austin Parks Foundation. Chris is a transportation cyclist. And he has the support of over 700 prominent Austinites. You can learn more about him on his website:

Chris' campaign is working with many people who love our town on some free community events. The purpose of these events is to bring together people who make up vital parts of Austin's character and show that the cultivation of our music & arts, cycling, and sustainable foods scenes need to be a priorities for our City, as they will be if Chris gets elected.

People can fill out this form to participate for free! It'd be awesome if you could participate. Can you also help spread the word on our hunt by posting this on your site? Thank you!



pedal puncher said...

yea! very exciting! i've swept up there a few times over the passed coupla yrs. and it never stay clean for long. i'm so happy y'all are gonna do this. please give me a call or stop by peda pushers before you go so's i can help...