Saturday, July 19, 2008


So here i am, Cerridwyn, finally making a post on our wonderful blog.
I guess i am not so confident in my writing skills.
But here it goes..
Currently i am waiting for my Flickr page to complete my downloads which seems to be almost impossible at these expensive Internet cafes!
Hmmmm, yes, ITCHY!!
If you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing a massive allergic reaction that comes out through the skin then you know what Hives feel like.
An itch that never goes away and if you satisfy your urge the result is an even more unsatisfying burning feeling followed by huge welts all over the body. Not what i consider to be fun to say the least. After a night of relaxation and some good ole steroids and oral itching relief i am feeling almost at 100%.
I do feel bad for the inconvenience this has been, but it really is not under our control, at times you really just have to listen to your body and give it a rest.
On the tour as a whole, i feel great. This has been way more that we bargained for mentally and physically(at least for me). It does seem that every time i am feeling stronger something kicks me in the face and sets me back. In the long run that too will make me stronger but it is a struggle. Feeling like a drag is almost as bad as hives.
I am so glad to be back near the ocean and the trees in my home state, the redwoods the deep turquoise sea the waves the madrone and manzanitas the birds and chipalops and the interested people as well as the weirdos, it is all familiar to me and new for Maureen i am so glad that we can experience this is new way for the both of us. It has been a blast, and we still have a ways to go. Well it's off to Mendo for us, till next time, Farewell.


lellowwaterlemon said...

Hi Cerridwyn--

Glad to hear you aren't still itchy! Nothing like trials & tribulations...

I mapped your trip on click2map--check it out! I wasn't sure who's keeping your blog site up but they might want to link it or copy it to your site:

Hi -- to Maureen...hang in there!

Mom & Dad X0X0X0X0

David said...

Hi, Cerridwyn. It sounds like you are having quite an adventure. Remember every adventure has some setbacks, but it is those setbacks that you will remember the most. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Be careful.
Love you,
Uncle David and Aunt Victoria

Bryn said...

Good job Cerridywn. I'm taking over your life by the way. I can't wait till you get here, back in the ole' SC. We will go on some epic bike rides.

Your Brother (always),